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Who works at our practice?

Our practice consists of 2 general practitioners (GP’s) and 1 GP in training, 2 practice nurses (POH’s) and 2 doctors assistants. You will be assigned one of the GP’s; should you wish to make an appointment during his/her absence, an appointment will be offered with a colleague.

Our practice nurses (POH’s) perform delegated tasks for the GP. They have their own appointment possibilities, they do house calls and inform and instruct with specific medical conditions. Their areas of expertise are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, smoking cessation, heart failure, elderly care, respiratory conditions (i.e. COPD) and mental health complaints (anxiety, depression, stress, mourning etc).

Our doctors assistants also have their own appointment possibilities. They perform a multitude of tasks: ear cleaning, treatment of warts, measurement of blood pressure, test of hearing, injections, checking of wounds and the removal of stitches. 


Opening hours & appointments

Our practice is open on Monday to Friday, from 08:00 until 17:00. In emergency situations, our practice can be reached the whole day on 070-3273039, option 1. In all other situations, option 3 is the right one.

For appointments, we urge you to call from 08:00 until 10:00 if you'd like an appointment the same day. We have two breaks,  from 10:00 until 10:30 for consultation and from 12:30 until 13:30 for lunch. 

The assistant will always ask what the nature of the complaint is, in order to plan the best time for the appointment with the best caregiver at that moment.


Signing up as a new patient

If you wish to sign up as a new patient, please come by at our office. The assistant will give you a prescription form that needs to be filled in and signed. We need this form per patient, also providing a copy of your id and insurance card. Also we ask you to inform your previous GP, and to ask to send your medical file to our practice.


Prescription medication

Medication can be ordered through the same phone number: 070-3203739, option 2. You can collect your prescribed medication within 48 hours.



We ask you to let us know when there are changes in family, address, phone number or emailaddress. 


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